LinkedIn Events – how to use it for Lead generation?

LinkedIn events for lead generation

As businesses seek innovative ways to connect and generate leads, LinkedIn Events stands out as a strategic tool that harnesses the power of virtual networking and lead generation, without hard-selling tactics or paid ads.

But what sets LinkedIn Events apart from traditional networking events or even other virtual platforms? How can it be leveraged as a strategic tool for lead generation?

In this blog, we will dive deep to uncover its hidden potential and discover how it can revolutionize your approach to networking.

What are LinkedIn Events?

LinkedIn Events is a powerful tool that facilitates professional gatherings and fosters connections on a global scale. But what exactly are they?

LinkedIn Events are virtual gatherings hosted on the LinkedIn platform, designed to bring professionals together around a common theme, topic, or industry. Whether it’s a webinar, conference, workshop, or even a casual networking session, LinkedIn Events provide a structured space for professionals to engage, learn, and collaborate.

With LinkedIn Events, you can create and manage your event or participate in events organized by others within your network. It serves as a virtual venue where you can showcase your expertise, build credibility, and establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry.

Key features and functionalities of LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events offers a range of powerful features and functionalities that enhance the networking and lead-generation experience. Here are some key elements to take note of:

  • Event Creation: As a host, you have the freedom to customize your event details, including the title, description, date, time, and duration. You can also add promotional banners, logos, and other visual elements to create an engaging event page.
How to create LinkedIn events
  • Event Promotion: LinkedIn Events provides tools to promote your event, allowing you to reach a wider audience. You can share the event with your connections, invite specific individuals (Linkedin Event invitation limit: up to 1000 per week), and even post updates about the event on your feed to generate buzz.
  • Smooth Registration: LinkedIn Events enables attendees to register directly through the platform. This streamlined process ensures a seamless experience for participants and helps you gather valuable contact information for lead generation. It is possible to streamline the registration process by creating a user-friendly registration form that collects essential details from individuals who wish to register. These details may include their title, company, email, and name. To enhance convenience, the form can be pre-filled with information retrieved from their LinkedIn profiles, enabling users to simply click the register button and effortlessly share their data with you.
registration form
  • Notifications and Reminders: Participants receive timely notifications and reminders about the event, ensuring high attendance rates and keeping your event top of mind for attendees. LinkedIn will send an email notification to all participants 3 hours before the webinar. Here is an example:
notifications on LinkedIn events
  • Live Interaction and Engagement: During the event, LinkedIn Events offers various engagement features such as live chat, Q&A sessions, polls, and interactive discussions.

Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Events For Lead Generation

  1. Targeted Audience: LinkedIn Events allow you to reach a highly targeted audience of professionals within specific industries or interest groups. To invite people to your webinar, you can start by reaching out to your existing LinkedIn connections and sending them personalized invitations. Additionally, you can join relevant LinkedIn groups and directly message members to invite them to your webinar. Another approach is to target specific companies and job titles that match your ideal audience and send them invitations.
  2. Enhanced Credibility: By hosting or participating in LinkedIn Events as a speaker, you position yourself as an expert within your field. This enhances your credibility and attracts potential clients who are actively seeking industry expertise.
  3. Meaningful Engagement: LinkedIn Events provide a platform for meaningful engagement and relationship building. Through interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities, you can engage with prospects on a deeper level.
  4. Valuable Data and Analytics: LinkedIn Events offer insights and analytics that provide valuable data on attendee demographics, engagement levels, and registration rates. This data helps you measure the success of your event and gain insights into attendee preferences.
  5. Cost-Effective: LinkedIn Events offer a cost-effective approach to lead generation compared to traditional marketing tactics or paid advertising. With a relatively low investment, you can reach a targeted audience, showcase your expertise, and generate leads without paid ads.

How to use LinkedIn Events For Lead Generation?

Here are some original tips on how to use LinkedIn Events for lead generation by creating your own event:

Craft an attention-grabbing headline and description: Capture the interest of potential attendees by creating a catchy headline and description for your LinkedIn Event. Be sure to include vital details such as the event date, time, location, and a compelling overview of what participants can expect to gain from attending.

Headline for LinkedIn events

Here is an example of how the Event description is shown for people who view your event. Make sure to start the description with a catchy and interesting hook so people can click the ‘’See more’’ button and eventually register for your webinar.

description for LinkedIn events

Promote your LinkedIn Event: Once you’ve crafted your event, it’s time to spread the word! Utilize LinkedIn’s powerful search features to identify individuals who are likely to be interested in your event, and send them personalized invitations. Additionally, send an email newsletter to promote your LinkedIn Event to a wider audience.

Deliver valuable content: Make sure your LinkedIn Event offers real value to attendees. Consider providing exclusive content or access to expert panels and speakers. If you do not know where to start, check out our 8 essential tips to master your first webinar.

Whatever you do, ensure your attendees walk away from the event feeling like they’ve gained something valuable.

comment on LinkedIn events

Follow up with attendees: After the LinkedIn Event concludes, it’s crucial to maintain engagement with attendees. Send personalized messages expressing gratitude for their attendance and extend an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Send tailored follow-up messages to nurture relationships and further lead-generation efforts.

We usually send 3 messages after the webinar:

  • After Webinar – Reply: This is a reply message, where we show gratitude for their participation in the webinar. This message serves as an opportunity to foster a positive connection and show our commitment to providing value.
  • After the webinar invite for a call: Following the initial thank-you message, we extend an invitation to schedule a follow-up call with the attendees. We emphasize the opportunity for a deeper discussion, where we can address their specific questions, provide further guidance, and explore potential collaboration.
  • After the webinar follow-up: Lastly, we send a comprehensive follow-up message that recaps key takeaways from the webinar. We also provide more information about our solution and ask for a call again.

By implementing these tips, you can optimize your use of LinkedIn Events for lead generation, creating an impactful and valuable experience for attendees while nurturing connections that have the potential to drive meaningful business opportunities.

However, keeping these points in mind:

  • LinkedIn is a platform meant for networking and building relationships. Don’t use LinkedIn Events as a way to spam people with hard sales pitches.
  • LinkedIn Events are a great way to generate leads, but they should be just one part of your lead-generation strategy. Make sure to use a variety of methods to generate leads, including LinkedIn content creation and LinkedIn outreach.
  • LinkedIn Events are a great way to connect with potential customers, but it is not the only way. Use LinkedIn for branding, thought leadership, and content marketing to nurture your leads and eventually got more clients.


In summary, we have discovered the power of LinkedIn Events as a cost-effective method for generating high-quality leads and appointments. By leveraging this platform, businesses can tap into a targeted audience, nurture relationships, and foster engagement without incurring additional expenses.

However, it is important to acknowledge that planning and managing LinkedIn Events can be time-consuming, especially for busy business owners. This is why we have developed the CLEVER system, where we strategically incorporate LinkedIn Events as one of our lead generation strategies.

If you are ready to use LinkedIn Events for your Lead Generation process but do not have time to plan all the steps, book a quick call with me.

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