Launching a Personalized Integrated Campaign for Company X

Our team at Axellerato recently worked on launching a successful Integrated Campaign for one of our clients, and we’d love to share our case study. Due to confidentiality reasons, we will name them “Company X.”

We were approached by Company X, which operates in the Business Consulting and Services industry with a core focus on healthcare. They had specific goals to get the best return on investment (ROI) for their lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. This article will break down how we achieved these goals and successfully launched their campaign. 


In a nutshell, Company X wanted to scale their outreach efforts, book new discovery calls with high-quality leads, connect with potential novel partners and nurture their established connections. 

Another goal was to position Company X’s CEO as a thought-leader through consistent posting on their personal LinkedIn page, as well as to educate and nurture established connections via Company X’s LinkedIn page. 


After an intense onboarding process, we kickstarted an integrated campaign via LinkedIn, emails and content marketing. In the first trial month, we performed targeting in two main stages:

  1.  We found clinical stage and pre-clinical stage small startups in the biotechnology and medical device industries
  1. In each company, we identified and collected up to three decision makers with the job titles CEO, Board Member and/or Founder. Our search results were as follows:  
  • 38.4% CXO
  • 29.9% Owner/Founder
  • 18.9% Board Member 
  • 11.8% Director/Head 
  • 1% Manager 

We then moved on to LinkedIn direct messaging, where our goal was to connect with the right target audience and send a sequence of 2-3 LinkedIn messages. In addition to sending these direct messages, we successfully grew Company X’s network and overall brand exposure. 

If prospects didn’t respond after the 2nd direct message, we then sent them a sequence of 3 emails. Once a prospect replied, the campaign ended and they were swiftly transferred to Company X. 

In regards to the LinkedIn content marketing aspect of the campaign, we posted 8 LinkedIn posts and 1 article with the aspiration of engaging newly connected and established followers. The content included relevant challenges and solutions Company X provides. Every post was boosted, accelerating overall exposure and engagement.


The campaign was successful as we generated interest in scheduling discovery calls, connected to relevant decision-makers in the healthcare industry, and increased the brand’s overall visibility. 

We made a total of 10 431 organic impressions from our 8 LinkedIn posts and single article. We engaged with 564 prospects and made 276 new LinkedIn connections. Out of those new connections, we received 99 replies, a total of 59 leads, and 44 interested leads.

From those statistics, the acceptance rate was 48.9%, the reply rate was 34.1%, the conversion rate from those who replied was 44.4% and the conversion rate from total prospects was 7.8%. 

Furthermore, the content campaign also successfully converted cold leads into hot leads, nurtured established connections and prompted them to book a discovery call, and searched for new leads to grow Company X’s LinkedIn network and client base.

The campaign was a success! Not only did we increase their LinkedIn followers but we also gained additional exposure for the brand and its new campaign. 

As a results-driven lead generation partner, our team of professionals will ensure you get the very best out of your LinkedIn lead generation campaigns and strategies.

Book a discovery call with us today. 

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