How to get started with cold emails that actually work

Cold emails are one of the most underutilized marketing tactics. It can be a powerful way to generate leads and sales, but most people don’t know how.

Cold emailing is a form of lead generation where you send emails to people who have never engaged with your business before. These people may or may not be interested in your offer.

The goal of cold emailing is to get people interested in what you offer so that they take the next step toward building a relationship with your business.

In this article, we’ll discuss the following:

  • How does cold emailing work?
  • Can your business benefit from cold email?
  • How to get started with cold emailing?
  • One bad thing about cold emailing, and how to fix it?

1. How does Cold Emailing Work?

Cold emailing is a great way to connect with people efficiently and quickly. It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and has helped us establish some of our greatest connections and get a lot of leads for our clients.

By sending a personalized message to your prospect, your goal is to get their attention, build a relationship and pitch your product/services.

Cold emails are something that you should be trying to use more in your lead-generation strategy. They’re relatively low cost (both to write and send), they can be used over and over again, and they can be personalized to fit any particular customer or business.

In short, cold emails are a strong way to reach out to new prospects whenever you need them, and their low cost should make them all that much more appealing.

2. Can your business benefit from cold email?

Cold emails can be helpful for plenty of things. You can land your dream job, get your dream client, and talk to some of your industry’s most famous and influential people. Here, we will talk about cold email as a lead-generation tool.

The low cost and accessibility of cold emails make cold emailing a valuable tool for any business in any industry.

Another aspect that makes cold emails great for any business is Scalability, compared to door-to-door sales or cold calls, which are very hard to scale. With cold emails, you can reach hundreds of people with just one click.

It is easy to track and can be automated as well. You can partner with an agency that will do all the heavy lifting for you (send emails, do the technical setup, create templates, schedule when each email is sent…). Once your partner sets up everything, with a click of one button, hundreds or even thousands of people will see your message.

3. How to get started with Cold Email?

After reading what cold emailing can bring to your business, you might ask, “How do I get started with cold emails?”

As we said before, the thing that makes cold emails great is accessibility, everyone can use them. It doesn’t cost a lot to start, but it can give you opportunities you never imagined before.

The first thing you need is a list of people and their emails. You can go and find leads yourself. But it will take a lot of time to get them. If you want leads for your specific industry CLICK HERE.

After getting leads, you need to check the quality of those leads. You need to make sure your emails are authentic. If you send a message to a fake email, it can destroy the reputation of your emails, and google will send your future emails to the spam box. We don’t want that.

Then you need to create an interesting and personalized message for your prospects. Make sure to research your prospect before you send them a message. That will show them that you took the time to learn more about them and their business.

The last step is sending emails. There are a lot of tools you can use to send emails free and paid. Make sure you use one that you like.

Checking your results is important as well. Here are some metrics that you must know

  1. Open rates
  2. Response rates
  3. Booking rate

Based on those metrics, you make the necessary changes and that’s it. An automated way to generate leads for your business every day.

4. One bad thing about cold emailing, and how to fix it

Nothing is perfect. It also applies to cold emails. Cold emails are easy to do, very affordable, and, if done correctly, can be your best source of leads.

The bad thing about cold emails is the TIME.

It takes plenty of time to find leads, make sure that leads are valid, create a message that will get your prospect interested, check results, and make changes if something doesn’t work.

But here is a little secret. People who generate leads with cold emails don’t do that alone. They have someone who does all the boring work, and they can focus on the things that matter (creating a good offer, talking to current customers, managing people…).

Giving people who already have experience with cold emailing, to take care of that is the best thing a business can do. You will generate leads every month.

If you have a desire and time to do the tedious work and not be sure that you will get any results, that’s OK.

But if there are more interesting and important things you need to focus on, in your business, and you still want all the great benefits of cold emailing…

We created a system that will generate 20-50 leads for your business EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Instead of wasting your valuable time on repetitive and boring work, you will be able to focus on things that move your business forward, without worrying about getting leads for your business month after month.

Book a call with our team and let’s discuss how this system can be applied to your company.

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