Everything you need to know about prospecting in 2023

Prospecting is a critical step for any business looking to grow. It involves identifying potential customers, engaging them, and converting them into actual customers. Prospecting can be a time-consuming process, but it is worth the effort if done correctly.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about prospecting: from what it is and why it’s important to how to do it effectively and efficiently. We will also look at the available solution that can help make the process easier and more successful.

What is Prospecting?

Prospecting is a process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for your business. It is a crucial step in the sales process, and it can be the difference between success and failure for your company.

The goal of prospecting is to build a list of potential customers and then communicate with them in the hopes of converting them from potential to actual customers.

Why is prospecting important?

Prospecting enables you to connect with and work with potential customers whose needs and interests match your solution. It provides insight into a prospect’s pain points, ensuring that you’re reaching out to contacts who will be open to your value proposition.

It’s also extremely effective. According to RAIN Group research, more than six out of ten buyers want to hear from salespeople early in the buying process. In fact, 82% of buyers agree to meet with a salesperson who contacts them first.

Also, Prospecting helps top-performing salespeople set up nearly three times as many sales appointments as those who never prospect.

In short, doing prospecting correctly can exponentially grow your business.

Here are 5 steps to follow if you want to do prospecting right

  1. Define your target market.

Understanding your ideal customers will help you to identify and target the right people and businesses. Also, it’s important to understand what data points will help you make the outreach and your pitch more personalized and human. At Axellerato, this is a crucial part of the whole prospecting process.

2. Research your market.

Research your market to learn more about their behaviour, preferences, pain points, and what makes them buy. This information can help you tailor your message for your perfect prospect. Try to get some triggers such as: does that company currently hiring, what technology they use, did they have a leadership change recently, do they provide a very specific solution/product, etc.

3. Create a list of prospects.

Use the information you have gathered to create a list of prospects. This list can include individuals or businesses that fit your target market profile. This will be the hardest and the most boring part of all, but later we will show you how to make it easier.

4. Start your outreach

Once you have a list of leads, it is time to reach out to those people. Use various methods to reach out to your potential customer. Here are some ways you can contact them:

  • Cold email
  • Cold call
  • LinkedIn DMs
  • SMS or WhatsApp Message

5. Improve

After reaching out to your list of prospects, the next thing you must do is look at the numbers and focus on improvement. The things you should aim to improve are:

  • Reply Rate: The percentage of prospects that replied to your outreach messages
  • Conversion rate: the percentage of leads that became paying customers.
  • Lead source: where your leads are coming from, social media, cold calls, cold emails, referrals
  • Sales cycle length: the time it takes from initial contact to close.

The harsh truth about prospecting…

We just talked about all the nice aspects of prospecting. Why is it good? Why is it important for your business?

But here is the truth.

Prospecting is a very boring and time-consuming process. And you probably don’t have time to do all the things we listed yourself.

You know the importance of prospecting and how it can grow your business exponentially. But you don’t want to put days and weeks into prospecting and then not get any results.

That is why at Axellerato we decided to create a system that helps business fill their pipeline with high-quality prospects.

We have helped multiple teams to get a high-quality list of prospects and shorten the sales cycle.

If you want to avoid headaches, disappointment, and save your time, let’s discuss how we can work together.


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