[Case Study] How we booked 93 appointments and confirmed 100+ investors for an event.

Our Strategy for Scheduling 100+ Appointments and Event Attendees

Generating leads is critical for the success of any investment event, and our recent collaboration with a company was no exception. With their upcoming event fast approaching, they needed a strategy to attract potential investors and generate leads to ensure a successful turnout.

Using a combination of targeted marketing tactics and personalized outreach, we were able to exceed the company’s expectations and generate around 100 appointments with potential investors.

In this case study, we’ll dive into the details of our approach, including the outreach techniques and messaging. We’ll share our insights that can help your company achieve similar success.

Who was our client?

This case study is about company X, which offers interactive live-streaming solutions. (we can’t share the name of the company for privacy reasons, but if you are interested, you can learn more on a call with us).

Industry: Online Audio and Video Media

Company size: 11-50 employees

Headquarters: Switzerland

What was the main goal of the campaign?

The company aimed to expand their market and attract investors from Asia, with a particular focus on Singapore. To achieve this, they devised a strategy to personally meet with potential investors at an event in Singapore. Our goal was to invite qualified investors to participate in the event, as well as to arrange personal meetings and calls between company representatives and the investors.

How we targeted the right audience?

We decided to focus our outreach efforts on private investors and developed a targeted strategy aimed at specific professionals within the investment industry. Our focus was exclusively on people based in Singapore who had posted on LinkedIn within the last 30 days.

Additionally, we targeted Wealth Managers, Fund Managers, Venture Capitals and Investment Bankers. By narrowing our focus to this group, we were able to increase the chances of connecting with individuals who were most likely to be interested in attending the event.

How we approached our target audience?

To execute our strategy for reaching out to potential investors, we developed a three-stage approach:

  • The first stage involved initiating contact with our leads to gauge their interest in the company. If they expressed interest, we would provide additional information and deliver a pitch deck, after which our appointment setter would contact them to schedule a call or meeting.
  • The second stage involved scheduling one-on-one calls or personal meetings with interested leads.
  • The third and final stage involved inviting them to attend an event where they could meet the founders in person.

How we contacted our leads?

To maximize our outreach efforts, we divided our list of leads into two categories based on their valid corporate email addresses. We prioritized those with valid email addresses and reached out to them via email, while those without were contacted via LinkedIn. Our outreach messages were highly personalized to increase the likelihood of receiving responses and generating interest from potential investors.

We created a sequence of messages for both LinkedIn and email, with an initial message that focused on starting a conversation, rather than sending a link to the pitch deck or providing too much information in the 1st message. This was followed by a series of additional messages with appropriate time gaps in between.

The results you have been waiting for

We used two main strategies to approach our target audience. Based on the first strategy, we would approach them on LinkedIn and then continue communication via email. However, the second strategy was only focused on approaching people with valid email addresses through email.

The campaign lasted for 3 months so we got different results during this period. Let’s dive into each month’s results.

Month #1

Our goal for the first month was to make people familiar with the company before the founders would arrive in Singapore. So, we were focused to start the conversation and warm up the audience. During the pre-arrival phase we For this we reached the audience via LinkedIn and email.

Month #2

During the second month of the campaign, we managed to book 20 calls from the first strategy (LinkedIn & Email mix), while we got 13 booked calls from the second strategy (only through email). In total, we managed to book 33 calls this month.

Month #3

In the third month of our campaign, we got 35 booked calls from our first strategy which was a mix of LinkedIn and Email. We also approached separate people only via email (our second strategy) and got 9 booked calls. in total, we managed to book 44 calls with interested investors.

Total 3-month Report

As a final result, we managed to engage a total of 2635 people, from which 657 answered our outreach messages. Our number of total leads was 127, while 114 were interested leads. Finally, we got 93 book calls and 100+ participants for the investment event.

What’s next?

Our personalized outreach strategies allowed us to exceed our client’s expectations and generate over 100 appointments with potential investors for their investment event.

By focusing on professionals within the investment industry in Singapore, we were able to increase the chances of connecting with individuals who were most likely to be interested in attending the event.

If your company is looking to improve its lead generation and expand its market by finding right investors, we can totally help. We believe that every company deserves tailor-made strategies, including targeting, the right messages, and all the technical setups.

Book a free call with us to discuss how we can create a customized solution that focuses on delivering the best results for your company.

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