Case Study – How we booked 80 high-quality Appointments in 2 months

Axellerato was hired as a lead-generation campaign partner for a SaaS company in Cyber security industry based in the Netherlands (we can’t share the name of the company for privacy reasons, but if you are interested, you can learn more on a call with us).

Our team, with years of experience in lead generation, worked hard, and in just 2 months, we booked 80 high-quality meetings for this SaaS company.

Here is how we did it.

The goal of this lead-generation campaign

This SaaS company struggled to get leads and schedule Demo Calls. Our main goal was to find high-quality B2B leads and book meetings with those leads. All our client had to do was show up for a demo call that we booked for him.

The strategy we used to generate 80 high-quality meetings

After our onboarding call, we learned more about their business and their goals. We decided to use our “Axellerato Social Selling” strategy, which has been proven to work the best in the past.

We used a combination of

  • LinkedIn direct messages
  • Cold emails
  • LinkedIn content creation

Targeting for lead-generation campaign

The main key to any lead-generation campaign is great targeting.

The main challenge was to get C-Level executives (CEOs and Founders) of other cyber security companies that provide penetration testing as a service.

Usually, you cannot find these specific filters on any databases.

That is why we needed to use a very unconventional way of collecting leads for this specific client.

We used an internal system that allowed us to find at the beginning the list of the companies that provided pen-testing as a service and match other filters. And then, we went to each of those companies looking for the right decision-maker.

Usually, it takes weeks, but with our system, we were able to collect 1470 companies and 1528 people from those companies within 1-2 days.

Here are some targeting metrics we used

-Cyber security companies that provide Pent-test services.

GEO: mainly English-speaking countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia + Europe)

Company headcount: 1-50


Computer and Network Security

IT Services and IT Consulting

Titles that we were looking to speak with:

Security Researcher



Chief Security Officer

Chief Technology Officer

LinkedIn direct messages for lead-generation campaign

Direct messages were more of a short-term strategy. With LinkedIn direct messages, we executed 2 strategies.

  1. We sent a message to the people our client was already connected with.

We didn’t want to be very pushy, so we sent them one message about our Lead Magnet, and the second message was a follow-up to ask them about their thoughts and if they liked the example from page #2.

(Please note that we specifically mention examples from page #2, which spark additional curiosity. If they didn’t check the PDF after the 1st message, they would be more curious to do it now and check that example from page #2.)

  1. We sent highly personalized messages to the new contacts that we collected for our clients. Sending a personalized message is key to any successful lead-generation campaign.

By carefully selecting only those who meet our precise targeting standards, we boosted the effectiveness of our communications and saw a remarkable improvement in open and response rates.

Cold Outreach via email

Cold emails were more of a short-term strategy as well. Our goal was to use cold emails to approach new companies and new people who might be interested in the service our client offers.

This is what the process looked like.

cold email strategy via LinkedIn and email

Since we did targeting very well, we created a highly personalized message that generated above-average results.

The goal of a highly personalized message is to build a relationship with the potential client and schedule a call if they are interested.

Common practice is to ask for a call in the first or second message. That can work, but when you make a softer CTA and then ask for a call, the quality of the leads will be a lot better.

Personalized messages looked something like this (This is a picture of our CEO; we can’t share the messages we use for our client due to privacy reasons.)


Appointment-Setting Service

When it comes to LinkedIn messages and emails, many of our clients do not have time to follow up and reply to every message.

That is why we created an appointment-setting team that will set meetings for you. All you have to do is attend the call we booked.

This part also helped us maximise the number of booked appointments since we were in charge of all follow-ups and all replies.

LinkedIn content creation

We decided to use LinkedIn content creation in our strategy because this allowed us to nurture existing followers by creating content and potentially turning them into clients. The co-founder of this SaaS company already had around 1500 connections on LinkedIn, and we decided to use it to the best of our abilities.

We agreed to post content 1-2 times per week.

Tech setup and CRM

We created a CRM spreadsheet with all the replies and data that can be imported into any CRM like Pipedrive, Hubspot…

We also created a new and a new email for our client. We ensured that all the technical things were set up correctly, like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

And we ensured that their email domain was warmed up, which helped us get 50%+ open rates.

RESULTS of our lead-generation campaign

These are the numbers you have been waiting for.

Email and LinkedIn outreach for 2 months

RESULTS of our lead-generation campaign
RESULTS of our lead-generation campaign
  • We got 1339 engaged prospects.
  • 820 people accepted the connection/message request
  • 520 people replied to our messages.
  • 97 people expressed interest in what our client has to offer.
  • 80 booked calls.

LinkedIn content creation results

RESULTS of our lead-generation campaign

All of these results were created in 60 days.

It goes to show you that having a reliable lead-generation partner can improve your business in a very short time.

If you are wondering if you can use the same system in your business

CLICK HERE to schedule a call, and we will be happy to see if this system can be applied to your business to get the same or even better results.

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