Launching a Personalized Integrated Campaign for Company X

Our team at Axellerato recently worked on launching a successful Integrated Campaign for one of our clients, and we’d love to share our case study. Due to confidentiality reasons, we will name them “Company X.” We were approached by Company X, which operates in the Business Consulting and Services industry with a core focus on […]

8 Proven B2B Lead Generation Channels For 2021

B2B marketing and sales leads are the sparks of life and the source of new revenue for every successful small and medium-sized company. Sales representatives would have limited opportunities to convert new customers without qualified leads. Leads are the cornerstone of sales and marketing. Leads do not fall from the sky. Lead generation requires a […]

Cold Calls Are Officially Dead! What’s Next?

Cold calling is officially dead in the Covid-19 pandemic for small, medium, or big size business. The main problem with any type of business is that when you try to reach them via the office phone number, a lot of companies now have switched to a home office, so that person cannot be reached anymore […]

10 Steps To Optimize LinkedIn Profile In 2021

LinkedIn is an inbound marketing tool where you can create your future and tell your story to the world. LinkedIn is being used by companies in many ways than you can imagine, including public relations, community building, social media marketing, social selling, and employee advocacy. LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B targeting. It has […]