6 Best and Worst Outreach Message Examples to Nail Your Lead Generation

LinkedIn and email are two of the most widely used channels for reaching out to potential clients, but with so many businesses vying for attention, it can be challenging to craft messages that truly stand out.

The good news is that with the right approach, LinkedIn and email can be incredibly effective for generating leads. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of having a well-crafted outreach message, and why having a strong message can be the key to success.

To help you get started, we’ve created a PDF with 6 examples of effective outreach messages for LinkedIn and email that businesses can use to kickstart their lead-generation efforts. These examples are a valuable resource for anyone looking to build meaningful relationships and grow their business.

Why LinkedIn and Cold Emails are the best channels for outreach?

The most effective channels for reaching out to B2B individuals are LinkedIn and Cold emails. The choice between the two depends on where your target audience is most active. If your prospects are active on LinkedIn, then using LinkedIn would be ideal. On the other hand, if you want to automate lead gen more, then reaching them directly through their inbox might be a better approach.

However, there is also another option, which includes using both channels together.

Using LinkedIn outreach and email for lead generation can be a great option because they complement each other and cater to different aspects of the prospect’s communication preferences.

  • LinkedIn provides a more professional and social networking environment where you can connect with prospects and engage with them through posts, comments, and direct messages.
  • Email provides a direct and personal channel of communication that allows you to send detailed and personalized messages to prospects.

By using both channels, you can reach prospects in different environments and cater to their preferred methods of communication, increasing the chances of successful lead generation.

Here is an example that we practice at Axellerato:

Maximize your outreach efforts with a dual-channel approach! First, reach out on LinkedIn with a personalized message that includes a gentle call to action. Wait 3-4 days, then follow up with another personalized message, complete with a relevant image (preferably with a personalized image), if you haven’t received a response or a connection acceptance. If still no luck, use a cold email as a secondary channel to increase your chances of getting a reply and securing more leads and clients.

Why is it important to have a well-crafted outreach LinkedIn and email messages?

Having a well-crafted outreach LinkedIn and email messages is crucial for the success of your marketing and lead generation efforts. A strong message helps you stand out from the competition and make a positive impression on your target audience. Here are some reasons why having a strong outreach message is important:

  • Grab Attention: A strong outreach message can grab the attention of your target audience, making them more likely to engage with your content and respond to your outreach.
  • Build Relationships: A well-crafted outreach message allows you to build relationships with your target audience and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. This can help you establish trust and credibility with your prospects, increasing the chances of them becoming customers.
  • Personalization: A strong outreach message is tailored to the recipient, addressing their specific needs and pain points. This personalization can make your message stand out, increasing the chances of your recipient responding to your outreach.
  • Increased Responsiveness: A well-crafted outreach message increases the chances of your target audience responding to your outreach, which can lead to increased engagement and sales.

If you are not sure how to start, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to create effective outreach messages. Download our PDF with 6 examples of outreach messages for LinkedIn and email now and start crafting your own successful outreach messages today.

6 bad examples of outreach messages and why they didn’t work

When it comes to reaching out to potential clients, the way you approach them can make all the difference. In this section, we will examine six examples of outreach messages that FAILED to make the desired impact and identify the reasons why they didn’t work.

  • We have just 3 spots left in our Leadership Training class next month and I want to be sure you don’t miss out!

Why it did not work?

This message is too salesy and comes across as pushy. It’s not a personal or professional way to make a connection on LinkedIn. This line might work in a follow #2 or 3 but definitely a bad idea to start a conversation with this.

  • Hi there! I understand you may be interested in learning more about cloud computing. Is this correct? If so, I would love to share some exciting news with you. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. If not, could you kindly forward my message to the appropriate contact?

Why it did not work?

This message lacks personalization and doesn’t explain the purpose of the connection. It’s not clear why the recipient should accept the connection request or why the sender is reaching out. Besides, it’s not the best idea to ask for a call without context and initial discussion.

  • Are you free for a demo tomorrow? I know our software is exactly what you need to meet your sales goals this year.

Why it did not work?

This message is too forward and comes across as aggressive. It’s not a professional way to initiate a relationship on LinkedIn. The recipient may not even know what the sender is offering.

  • I really want to do business with you, please give me just five minutes so I can show you how I can help you with your website design.

Why it did not work?

This message is too salesy and lacks personalization. The recipient may not be interested in website design or may not be ready to do business yet. Moreover, it lacks specifics.

  • I noticed that your website isn’t coming up for keywords, and for $500 a month, I can fix that.

Why it did not work?

This message is like a slap in the face. It’s too selling and lacks personalization. Even though the company can have this problem, this message doesn’t explain the specific outcome. Including prices in the first message is a very bad idea.

  • We are a web development agency that builds websites and custom mobile apps. Do you have any projects in mind?

Why it did not work?

This message lacks personalization and doesn’t explain the purpose of the connection. The recipient may not be interested in web development services or may not have a project in mind at the moment.

As you can see there are 3 common factors in a bad outreach message –

  • Too general
  • Too selly or too direct
  • The idea is to pitch and not start a conversation.

If you’re looking to take your outreach to the next level, be sure to check out our latest PDF, 6 Proven Templates for Effective LinkedIn & Email Outreach.” It’s packed with proven templates that will help you connect with your target audience and achieve your sales goals. So don’t wait, download it now!

Overview of the PDF about the best outreach messages

The PDF 6 Proven Templates for Effective LinkedIn & Email Outreach is a comprehensive guide to crafting effective outreach messages that generate leads and build meaningful relationships. The PDF includes six real-life examples of effective outreach messages, each with its own unique approach, making it an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes. Readers can expect to learn the following key features from the PDF:

  • A clear understanding of the importance of having a well-crafted outreach message.
  • A breakdown of each of the six examples, highlighting the key elements that make them effective.
  • A detailed explanation of how each message was crafted, including the tone, style, and key messages.
  • Practical tips for adapting each message to different audiences and businesses.
  • Insights into how businesses can use LinkedIn and email together to reach their target audience comprehensively and effectively.

The PDF is designed to be a step-by-step guide for businesses looking to create engaging and effective outreach messages that drive results.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, the PDF will provide you with a solid foundation for crafting messages that build relationships and generate leads.

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