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Axellerato is a go-to Industrial Marketing Agency that turns your lead generation struggles into wins. Get 10-20 high-quality leads monthly through a mix of LinkedIn DMs, cold emails, webinars, and content specifically crafted for sales leaders.

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Create Multichannel System for Lead Generation

Do you need a system that can generate qualified leads on a consistent basis? We’ve got your back!

With our CLEVER marketing system, we help industrial companies generate high-quality leads every month—without paid ads, prospecting, or guessing.

We combine outbound channels like (LinkedIn outreach and cold emails) with inbound strategies like webinars, Lead Magnets, Email newsletters, LinkedIn newsletters, and LinkedIn posts.

CLEVER Multichannel System Includes:

LinkedIn Outreach

Expand your network, connect, provide value, and ask but don’t pitch! We connect with your ICP with up to 800 prospects every month.

Cold Emails

We build a proven cold email outreach setup with new domains and approach 2000-3000 prospects every month and get 50%+ open rates.


For people, it’s much easier to say YES to a webinar, rather than to schedule a 1-1 call. This allows us to capture their details and nurture them via other channels like email newsletter.

PDF Lead Magnet

We create a high-converting PDF that educates and nurtures your target audience. We use it as a strategic tool to attack inbound leads and retarget them via other channels.

LinkedIn Posts

We create a combination of promotional and education content. Our main goal is to position you as an Industry expert and nurture all the connections for the LinkedIn outreach.

Email&LinkedIn Newsletters

Every week we will be sending a short newsletter to your ICPs sharing a case study, company update, FAQ, and your recommendations on how to fix specific issues.

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Why work with us


Save Time and Money

Instead of spending months on developing and testing new lead generation strategies or hiring and training new employees, we generate the first leads for you in 2-3 weeks.


Guaranteed results!

We always look for a win-win cooperation. Before signing the contract we will perform a market analysis and be certain that our clients will see results and  generate a positive ROI.

Bespoke Strategies

We're a team, not a tool

By cooperating with Axellerato, you are hiring a team of professionals with a proven process to generate leads, instead of automation tools.


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